Wednesday, 10 October 2012

When one is more 'invested' than the other...

You've likely experienced this on one end of the spectrum or the other... because in MOST relationships, I believe one person is just a LITTLE more invested (or a LOT) more invested in a long term look out, than the other.

I've experienced this myself, or so I'm told, I 'think' that's the case but maybe it's really more equal than I perceive.  That undying love, the unlimited adoration, that life long unwavering commitment because you just fall THAT hard for someone.  Now, carrying that feeling on as the relationship flourishes is the KEY to what is ACTUALLY legitimate love and what is the mere 'newness' feeling. 

I have also been witness to a difference in the level of 'investment' in a newer relationship.  It sort of scared me because I saw myself.. but I think, if you don't put yourself out there and TRY, then you'll just never know what might have been.  I believe it's those who are brave enough to bare their emotions who are willing to be open and invest the most. 

But what if it is truly unbalanced?  This is where the problems come into play.  One person sees the relationship as "love" and the other sees it as casual dating.  One person sees the future with a forever partner (not cowboy kinda pard'ner lol!), and the other sees a fuck buddy.  One person wants to commit and the other does not. 

The 2 biggest issues here are that people are either not honest or not 'completely' honest because maybe the situation fits their need at the present time... or the person who is so deeply 'falling or invested' is only seeing what they WANT to see and not the reality of the situation. 

Let's not forget that PLENTY of people just 'settle' into a relationship because it's there, those are the ones I worry about - the ones who make you wonder if their toe may still be keeping the door slightly ajar...

That's my blabbering for today xo!


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Thursday, 4 October 2012


Ahhh good ol' AC/DC lyrics - don't they always seem to have applicable lyrics to one of their songs for whatever life throws at ya?  I know right?! 

So, I'm BACK by popular demand of all of 2 people - you know who you are!!  But so what, writing used to be one of my more enjoyable pass times - back in the days when I HAD time... Now everything seems to be go, go, go and I'm forcing myself to take a little ME time - maybe this will be one of my hobbies again - who knows?!  Twitter didn't seem to work out lol!

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This time I'm gonna just blab on and on about whatever is on my mind - and if you know anything about me at all, you'll know I'm an open book - so spewing my thoughts out is something I'm pretty darned good at!  And yes, I like using exclamation marks so !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! if you don't like it!!!!! 

And ;o) is a smilie face, you'll see lots of these on my blogs - lean your head to the left if you are too daft to see it the first time around lol! 

So, consider this the first... and hopefully there will be more to come...

~ C ~